Our Service & Maintenance programs include tests, measurements, adjustments, and parts replacement, performed specifically to prevent faults from occurring. Our extensively designed Maintenance Programs are observed and practiced onto Fire Protection System by our engineers at site.

RPH Facility Solution provides the most versatile and thorough Service & Maintenance contract option. Whether for meeting requirements of local Fire Department, Insurance Company or In-House Safety Standards we will customize a program specifically for our client’s facility.

All maintenance contracts are tailored to meet individual requirements for different environments that may range from an annually, half yearly, quarterly and monthly Service & Maintenance visit to permanently manned sites, from the retail environment to the industrial sector. Service agreements cover all types of fixed fire protection and detection systems including portable fire fighting appliances. In addition, we provide system inspections, audits and confidential status reports.

Among the systems that we maintain are:

Conventional Fire Alarm System
Addressable Fire Alarm System
UV/IR Fire Detection System
Firemen Intercom System
Public Address System
Fire Hose Reel System
Automatic Sprinkler System
Wet Pipe Sprinkler System
Dry Pipe Sprinkler System
Deluge Sprinkler System
Pre-Action Sprinkler System
Foam Water Sprinkler System
Water Spray Sprinkler System
Wet Riser System
Dry Riser System

Down Comer System
Pressurized Hydrant System
External Hydrant System
Deluge System
AFFF Foam Pourer System
Low Pressure Co2 System
High Pressure Co2 System
Wet Chemical System
FM200® System
Inergen® System
Argonite® System
Pyrogen® System
NAF – SIII® System
NAF – S125® System
Inertec® System
Novec 1230® System

VESDA® System
FE13® System
Integrated Smoke Mgmt. System
Smoke Spill Fan System
Pressurization Fan System
Smoke Extraction System
Smoke Ventilation System
Emergency Lights
‘EXIT’ Signs
Anti Haze Sprinkler System


Maximizing Client income by applying exceptional Real Estate Property Management skills, while ensuring Tenant satisfaction by adopting first rate property maintenance.