Our services include the supply of labor, material, tools, spares, consumables, equipment, supervision, quality control, inspection, co-ordination and all other necessary items to carry out the proper operations, repairs, servicing and maintenance.

This maintenance program also includes the supply of all consumables, tools and spare parts required as per manufacturer’s recommendation. The program shall comprise actions to retain equipment or systems at a specified level of performance by repairing/restoring the affected equipment/system. All repairs will be planned and implemented by our properly trained craftsmen.


The scope of services may include but not limited to the following:

   –  All plumbing/piping systems and fittings including pumps, filters, etc

   –  Fountain systems, water displays including pumping station and distribution network and controls

   –  Irrigation water pumping plant and distribution network including all controls, water filters, nozzles, etc

   –  All fire suppression/protection/fighting systems and specialties

   –  Waste chute compactors, kitchen appliances

   –  Elevating dock equipment, dumbwaiters, elevators, Escalators,

   –  Façade maintenance System, Window Cleaning System, etc

   –  Mechanical instruments / devices

   –  Piping systems of the building drainage system, storm/sanitary, overflows, pumping pits, interceptors

   –  Mechanical works at locations outside the buildings

   –  Fire Hydrants, Fountains, etc

   –   Underground utilities comprising water supply system, fire water system, irrigation water system, water tanks, sanitary and storm drainage, manholes and inspection pits,  pumping pits, etc

   –  Removal and disposal of oil and grease, etc, from the water systems, fountains

   –  Operations, maintenance and repairs of external fountain systems including piping, pumps, irrigation controllers and fittings, water filters, nozzles, etc


Preventive Maintenance

A maintenance program that is committed to the elimination or prevention of corrective and breakdown maintenance task. The program utilizes regular evaluation tasks of critical equipment, machinery and systems to detect potential problems and immediately schedule maintenance task that shall prevent any degradation in operating conditions.

Corrective Maintenance

Action to restore equipment or systems at a specified level of performance. The principal concept of corrective maintenance shall be complete repair of all incipient problems made on an as needed basis.

Predictive Maintenance

Program to prevent the major failure of equipment and shall act as a maintenance scheduling tool that uses vibration and infrared or lubrication oil analysis data to determine the need for corrective maintenance actions chillers, boilers, cooling towers, main pumps, diesel generator sets and others.


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